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 Washington D.C. / Seattle NOC's LIVE!
Posted By: Customer Service On: 09 Jun 2008 01:36 PM
Details ZipServers has officially launched two new NOC's!

Seattle / Washington D.C. - NOC's LIVE!

Customers located around the World can now enjoy optimum results. ZipServers has launched two new data center locations: Seattle and Washington D.C.

Customers located in Australia, Asia and the western United States will love the new improved speed and performance of our newest data center, Seattle duoZ! Ping times are considerably faster to Asia, Australia and the western United States from the Seattle NOC.

Customers located in the Eastern United States, UK, Europe, Africa, and Western Asia will now enjoy faster ping times by locating a server within the Washington D.C. NOC. In addition, you can connect to the Dallas duoZ NOC over the private network!

At this time, VPS is limited to Dallas and Seattle NOCs. Our full compliment of dedicated duoZ servers are in stock and available in Seattle / Dallas / Washington D.C.

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